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At Insight Strategies we pride ourselves as being “People Building Business” – from the people who own the business to the people that work in the business. We at Insight Strategies believe it’s the people that make the business work. We build people using a variety of tools.


Insight Strategies has worked extensively with government and donor agencies to conduct large and small scale research activities to find ways to address challenges faced by organisations and projects. Our research interventions identify factors that prevent learning and development within organisations and sectors .

Not satisfied with just researching on behalf of our clients Insight Strategies breaks new ground by implementing its own research projects. These in turn are presented to clients that we think will benefit the most from the results.

Capacity Building

The Insight Strategies team has developed educational material for various initiatives for over fifteen years. Insight has also trained internationally for a variety of audiences (from low-literate farmers and factory workers to university graduates) in a number of fields such as business development, HIV, economics, strategy, planning and monitoring and evaluation. The team have also trained internationally for a wide variety of clients, from international organisations such as the ILO and the World Bank to large corporates, government departments, community based NGOs, and the private sector. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Insight Strategies has experience in managing large and small scale evaluations of development programmes and activities implemented by various organisations. Using sound data collection techniques, we have the capacity to effectively monitor progress and achievements and provide input and guidance into the factors that enhance or undermine the programme’s efforts .

Insight Strategies also conducts verification audits and impact assessments to evaluate the effect of the intervention on the target groups.