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Being in the People building business and knowing that people are the business, the same applies to Insight Strategies. We are always on the lookout for insightful “People Builders” to join our extensive and highly skilled People Building team While qualifications go some way to proving you can cope with the pressures of team membership, we are far more interested in your passion and drive to make a difference.

Please download the CV template and complete it and send it to We look forward to your submissions.

Insight Strategies works with a wide network of people builders in training, research and evaluation.

For each assignment, we assemble highly skilled competent team members who understand the subject matter, have sound fieldwork experience, and have excellent writing and analytical skills to tackle the task. These team members are drawn in on a project-by-project basis, dependant on the scope of expertise required. This guarantees that the client gets the best service and value for their investment.