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Training? Capacity Building? Is there a difference?
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Capacity building is about building skills in the hectic lives of staff.

However, many organisations don’t offer the space to reflect on learning or don’t have the time. So we have to question existing training practices. Most people in an organisation are too close to view what they are doing , and have been doing for a couple of years, in an objective way. Have a look at creative ways in which an investment in your staff’s valuable time right now might make them less busy but more productive in the future.

What it means is getting alongside people in an organisation and helping them to solve seemingly intractable problems and challenges in such a way that they are then better equipped with tools and solutions to deal with whatever the future may bring.

One part of capacity building ought to be about developing organisational self-confidence by demystifying and explaining the processes that at first may appear to be complicated. Systems within marketing, fundraising, strategy and finance are a few examples.

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