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Peer Education in Mandarin
Saturday, December 5, 2009

Many of the textile factories in Lesotho are owned and managed by Chinese.  While some of individuals have settled in Lesotho and have Lesotho citizenship, others come from China on short term contracts.  It is these individuals, removed from their friends, family and social support networks that were of interest to ALAFA.

Could Insight Strategies assist with developing a peer education curriculum contextualised specifically for these contract workers? 

 Working with another experienced consultant, familiar with both Chinese and Basotho culture, as well as knowledgeable about HIV issues, Insight Strategies provided methodological and content input into developing a curriculum targetting this group.   Tweaking existing materials as well as developing a range of new supplementary tools, Insight Strategies assisted with the development of this new, unique curriculum.  Read more about it on the ALAFA site.