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The Joy of a Pilot
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We have just finished a fullday workshop with a client.

It was a feedback session todetermine what aspects of the training material had been successful in thefield, what could be improved upon and what could be dropped.

The joy of the workshop wasfrom multiple sources. Meeting colleagues that you formed a relationship withover an intense period during the Training of Trainers. Hearing about theirexperiences. Laughing with them at some of the stranger things that happened,(as things tend to do). Learning that things that you envisaged working in acertain way worked exactly as you anticipated.

Of course there is always thefeedback on materials or methodologies that did not quite work as intended."Mmm, that idea did not go down as well as you thought. You might have torethink this one."

However, even this feedbackwhen given in the right context and with the correct intention is welcome. Ithelps us improve our products. It helps the clients improve their service totheir beneficiaries and it helps achieve the objective of building capacity ina manner that is applicable, contextual and enjoyable.

Ah, that all clients knew that materialand processes can always be improved upon, especially after a field test.